Yarra Centre Pool layout drawings, 100kWp

Yarra Centre Pool layout drawings, 100kWp


iEnergytech designs draw on an experience base spanning several decades. All iEnergytech designers have extensive on field (hands on) installation experience gained over many different sites with a variety of roof structures to ensure that designs are both practical and yet efficient.

Furthermore, our designs also consider lessons learnt from the extensive audit work we do as well as rectification of solar systems installed by other parties.

Designs will consider the building dimensions, edge zones, roof profiles, even cladding thicknesses, substructure dimensions, cable routing, UV protection, protection of DC isolators from the elements, and of course the more obvious factors such as system size, site load, self consumption ratios inverter loading, string sizes, shade, etc.

As such, when iEnergytech installers receive a design from the Design Team, it will be practical and relevant to the site. It will contain all key information from manufacturer’s instructions to ensure IP rating is maintained, electrical connections’ integrity to spans for fixings, inter-row gaps, torques for all fasteners etc.