iEnergytech was established in Australia in 2009 with the sole aim of developing and offering our customers high-quality Electrical Engineering systems, primarily in the field of Renewable Energy.

Building on some 16 years experience with Siemens AG (in East Africa), and influenced by this leading German Engineering company’s engineering philosophy, the founders were quite clear what this would mean:

  • Systems developed using the safest and most rugged of components (often manufactured by industry leaders); and

  • installation practices that ensured full compliance with the Australian standards.

Initial research based on working hand-in-hand with installation teams, on roofs, in cavities, under basements, etc. for years, led to a close empathy with site conditions and an understanding of the challenges of delivering to standards—in real life; it also revealed that the goal we had set was not as simple as expected. We discovered that installing a compliant solar PV system was going to take a lot more than simply finding top-notch products, qualified A-grade electrician with the necessary solar accreditations and qualified inspectors. More often than not, we still ended up with unsafe and non-compliant installations.

From 2010 to 2012, iEnergytech suspended all marketing activities. Instead time was spent identifying electricians with appropriate experience and the ‘right attitude’. Only selected projects were undertaken and completed in a ‘controlled environment’ with the same painstaking approach of hands’ on, on-site management. We started to formulate a set of processes and methodologies that would ensure full compliance to standards and today, many years later, we can now confidently say ‘We offer safe and compliant solutions’.

In 2014 iEnergytech (even though not a member of the CEC at the time) was awarded a prestigious and unique (industry first and only) award, by the CEC of Australia for the design and construction standards in the delivery of a 100kWp PV plant in Victoria. This was testimony to the outstanding approach iEnergytech had developed.

Since then we have continued to grow, in pace with our ability to install compliant solar PV systems that will meet our customers’ carbon-abatement and financial goals.