‘Soorya’ or ‘Surya’ as it is often spelt in English is a Sanskrit word that means the Sun. How apt!

It also means a whole range of other things in ancient Aryan/Hindu culture but the one that stands out, at least for us, is…

Dispeller of darkness, empowerer of knowledge, the good and all life
— Rigveda

In 2017, ienergytech embarked on the development of an in-house, bespoke software that would manage, on one platform, our Safety and Quality metrics. This software, ‘Soorya’ is now operational and is accessible via mobile and tablet devices as well as desktops.

Through Soorya we can manage SWMS, JSAs, Designs, Financial data on a project, Testing & Commissioning, Quality Control through the life of the project, documentation control to satisfy the retailers and distributors, collection of serial numbers, production of customer manuals, etc. It is an evolving platform that we will keep building on into the future.