Off Grid / Storage

Off-grid solutions

iEnergytech off-grid solutions are based on a detailed and careful survey of the site to ensure the customer's needs are understood and met.

Drawing on the expertise of our in-house accredited designer/installer - with over 16 years experience in this segment of the industry - iEnergytech is able to ensure that the system is well-designed, has adequate redundancy, and yet draws on the same high standard of component selection and Award-Winning workmanship standards that are the hallmark of an iEnergytech system.



Industry Leading Components

Typically the charger/inverters will be Selectronic, manufactured in Australia with over 30 years history in the industry. Selectronic's products are exported to Germany and are widely considered to be one of the finest.

SMA (Germany) / Fronius (Austria)

Thanks to the strong existing partnerships with these world-class manufacturers, iEnergytech is able to offer AC- or DC-coupled solutions using these technologies. Regular training (in Germany and Australia) of our leading designers ensures upto date understanding of solutions offered by these manufacturers.



Lead Acid or Lithium Ion

Both technologies have their place. Lead-acid solutions are used primarily for full off-grid applications whereas Lithium Ion may be considered for both tariff optimisation and complete off-grid systems.

iEnergtech works with Sonnenschein(German-made lead-acid batteries). At the same time iEnergytech is carefully reviewing and monitoring Lithium-ion solutions from Tesla, Samsung, Enphase, etc.

Talk to us for more information on this exciting and rapidly developing technology.